A 360° understanding of the Filecoin ecosystem

We started our Filecoin journey back in 2020 as one of the first storage providers

Community leader

Our team has been actively engaged in the Filecoin ecosystem since its mainnet.

Filecoin data allocator

Our team serves as data allocators, assisting clients in efficiently storing their data on the Filecoin network.

Filecoin contributor

We are fully immersed in the Filecoin ecosystem, actively developing tools to enhance its functionality

SP association representative

Our team is also storage providers on Filecoin and here since the decentralize web launch

Meet the Team

Julien Noël
Julien Noël
Founder | CEO
Web3 evangelist and passionate by IPFS from the early days, Julien has a strong background in advising and reporting to C-Level of NTT
Florian RUEN
Florian Ruen
Senior dev
Entrepreneur and founder of Eyes'R, an artificial intelligence startup for using CCTV, Florian loves the idea of merging AI and blockchain
Adrien Urban
Adrien Urban
Expert in Linux and cybersecurity, adept at orchestrasting automation single handedly, surpasses the productivity of 20 others